apparently i wrangled a dj set at a local bar last night and i don’t remember doing this. a month from now i think. i have never dj’d in my life and i don’t know what i’m doing with decks. apparently i did not mention any of this.

a) should i do the set for the bants

b) how quickly can i learn how to use decks and shit

c) could i feasibly get one of those mixer apps on my laptop or phone and play everything through that while looking like i’m using the decks

Absolutely don’t bother with vinyls or beat matching or any of that stuff, just get one of the free djing apps and make a playlist that doesn’t meander too randomly


It’s a bar. Just play songs people like and don’t drive away customers


was listening to spotify earlier and i was pissing about with the crossfade function. set it to 8 seconds or so and i would say 90% of the time it sounded great, especially if a song ends with lots of feedback/ambient noise etc. maybe the odd transition didn’t work but who’d even notice four or five beers in.

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Don’t be afraid to just let a song end before the next one every so often too especially if an intro is pretty good


I suppose it really depends what sort of music you’re playing?

If it’s just bogstandard indie stuff, don’t sweat it too much. Just play good stuff and do what @anon73286315 says. If you have one, can use it there, and would feel more comfortable using it, take a laptop. When I used to DJ indie stuff I’d use one CD deck and my laptop, just running iTunes. Dead easy.

If you’re playing dance or hip hop, I dunno, pray?

put itunes on shuffle


their criteria is “electronic/chill/low end theory-type beats” which is pretty…hmmm. i mean, i love that stuff so i have a fair idea of what to play, but i think praying might be in order.

althoughhhhh…i really can’t remember all that much fancy twiddling from the dj last night, which i think may have inspired me to ask for a slot. then again i can’t remember asking for a slot so…ulp.

Get the Djay 2 app on your phone/ipad (set a 10 second automix)

Works a treat everytime

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What setup have they got? turntables, CDJs?
Pop in again and check out the setup, if they’ve got CDJs with USB input you’re laughing, just chuck a load of tracks on 2 USBs and control using the mixer.

will pop in tonight and scope it out :male_detective:


Oh. I’m well that will probably require some level of dj skill as theyd probably expect it to have continuity

Remember the first time I played an electronic set, I practiced the whole thing for ages a month in advance (on some dj software that I’ve already forgotten the name of). Didn’t really help when it came to actually doing it though. Got through it somehow?

The plural of vinyl is vinyl.

This is totally the opposite of what I do. If they can’t take it then they don’t deserve me.


My opinion is… either do it properly or don’t do it at all.

What’s the plural of shut up


Nah, fuck it, go large and have fun. How are you ever going to learn if you don’t fuck up a few times first?

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press this button loads


Remember DJing in a bar when I was 18. Got completely twatted and decided it was a good idea to deviate from my nicely curated indie playlist into a full on breakcore set. Ended the night with this, but everyone had left by that point. There’s a moral there somewhere.