DJ Jean - The Lunch


What’s everyone on with? My wife’s coming to meet me (looks like she’s on the bus), gonna get a lamb flatbread from Moro or some mac and cheese from Paesan.


fixed that for you.

need to pop to Sainsbo’s at lunch to get ingredients for dinner so I’ll probably have a misery meal deal


What’s for dinner Aggers?


Got some leftover roast pork so going to make it into a Thai red curry I reckon


Hi there! It looks like you’re making lots of puns today! I applaud your efforts. Good job I don’t have to pay-per-clap, or I might be broke by now!


canteen was doing fish finger baguettes and spicy wedges :heart_eyes:


A bowl of green & yellow courgettes, pink apple, pomegranate, labneh, rocket, hazelnuts & coriander leaf, served with creamy hazelnut dressing.


yep, we’ve now officially reached peak DiS

time to pack up and get back into the cave