DJ Rupture

Anyone remember this guy? I loved the Uproot mix when it came out, but he sort of disappeared.

Anyway, it turns out that he put all his stuff online for free a couple of years ago. I can heartily recommend Uproot and Solar Life Raft as entry points. Listening to his BBC radio1 - Cumbria mix at the moment and it has put a coat-hanger sized grin on my face.

To think I was feeling pretty bleak when I got out of bed this morning.

Love his stuff! His book was great, if you’ve not read it. His shows on WFMU were amazing- they’re all here.

There was talk on his blog of a podcast, but i don’t think that ever materialised.

More links - thank you. Saw the book mentioned on his website. I’ll get hold of it.

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Yeah he was ace! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

He’s bloody great. Think I saw him once (Venn festival perhaps).