DJ Shadow

Do I love this album enough to get this?

Reckon I might be swayed, you know.


Ooooh yeah I’m interested…

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Just your favourite DJ saviour


I do. Even though it’s length means it should be a cd listen I actually grew to love this album through my mate’s vinyl copy and never felt it sounded right any other way so reckon I’m going to creme myself over this.

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My copy skips during Hip-Hop Sucks so I feel I have a legit excuse to buy this now.


My copy skips too but I think it’s because it’s cut really loud

Hhhmmm thats weird. Actually bought my copy off a pal and Disc 1, side 1 was terrible for skipping.

Managed to get just disc1 off Discogs for a fiver and thats been fine. Always thought maybe my mate hadn’t taken care of it or he’d bought it 2nd hand and previous owner didn’t take care of it but if you’d had the same then maybe it was a problem with the pressing or something?

Thanks for the heads up. Ordered, I think I’d regret it if I didn’t :slight_smile:

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Ta very much nice little birthday present if it arrives that weekend.

Me too!

Like, four months late.

Saw me coming didn’t they?

Mine hasn’t arrived yet :tired_face:

Nor mine. No-one in at home today either so I won’t be getting it till Monday if it does come today.

Ooooooh tempted by this.

Mine just turned up! :+1:

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