DJ software recommendations please

Can someone recommend some free or cheapish DJ software that’ll do a good impression of a real DJ (mixing)?

Are you trying to make a DJ type mix at home or do you want something you can play live with? If it’s the former Audacity is very good and, more importantly, free. The latter you’re going to struggle with without a separate controller just because mixing is quite fiddly and without a second audio output you won’t be able to hear what you’re cueing up. If you just need a crossfader and aren’t too fussed about beatmatching Mixxx is decent.

Traktor is the industry standard for software DJs. Pretty easy to learn to use.

How cheap is cheap?

I use Traktor on my PC and iPad with a Native Instruments Audio 2 interface (which comes with the software):

Yeah, looking for something to build a mix rather than real time mixing. Ideally just something that I can drag a load of tracks in and it’ll mix them

Just showed this post to Ad. He uses some software called Auria on the iPad. He’s used it for his bands mixing and I think some stuff for Ben. It’s about £30.

Also Audacity and Reaper are free.

I don’t know much but I think your Facebook friends with Ad? He’d answer any questions.