DJ Yoda is a turntablist apparently

I’m obviously fine with that :grinning:

At a certain level I do think there’s a sense here of playing by the rules laid out by rockists in using terminology that follows established lines of perceived importance.

Seeing it written down like that just felt like a pointless neologism.

He works for MTV?

Derek John Yoda

Duncan, apparently

Nah, it’s because he scratches his videos alongside his mucis, or whatever

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Close, Duncan J

Pah, turntablist is inaccurate then. Should have an extra thing.

The round thing, i think you mean.

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Anyway, I should have researched the term first, clearly.

In my elaborate attempt to subtly dunk on @Funkhouser the dunker has become the dunkee.


The Funkee, i think you mean.


Grampa Simpson Meme GIF by MOODMAN



How old are cut n paste parts 1 and 2 these days? Man, they old

I’m more quietly tutting at it, TBF. :wink:

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Doesn’t even rhyme.

what’s DJ Yoda short for?

an optical illusion caused by his unusually tall turntables

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I actually am a big fan of people changing the spellings of their names. It’s pretty ballsy and yet people have to accept it because it’s your name.

I only did it for a little while then realised it was silly. My housemate changed his to Aleks at the same time.

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Apparently, a turntablist DJ Yoda is *