DMK (Drinking Mario Kart)


It’s coming up to that time of year again when me and my mates get involved with this.

In brief:

  • 16 players
  • Races of 4 (group stage then knockouts)
  • Have to down a stubby beer between the start and end of the race
  • No driving whilst drinking

That’s the basics. Then we have optional rules which have come in and out, last year being:

  • Die is rolled before the race. 1-4 means that number player also drinks a shot, 5 is double beer for everyone, 6 is nothing.

We’re trying to mix it up a bit this year. Firstly, beer makes me really bloated, really quick, so I’m looking for an alternative drink that keeps things fair (alcohol-wise and volume-wise). I also had this idea: anyone using a blue shell has to drink an extra shot after the race (one shot per shell if more than one).

Anyone got any other ideas? We’re at a bit of a loss. Frankly, it’s good anyway, but it could surely be better…

I know, I know, pretty mature stuff. But it is probably the best night of the year. We do it at my friend’s house, and she has 4 of every kind of Wii controller so everyone has their pick, plus a 60" telly. Everyone brings food, it’s brilliant.


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We’re ok with this.


Forfeit shot/ that’s a paddling for:
Slipping on a banana or hitting a fake weapon box
Going off the edge
Complaining about the level


Nice. Levels are always in order as the games dishes them out, then Rainbow Road for the final/semis.


The falling off forfeit should be absolute havoc by the time you get to rainbow road


We used to do this at uni and I did it once with a strawberry yazoo and felt way sicker than anyone else


Shooting yourself with your own green shell, that’s a paddlin’


Cocking up a boost start, that’s a paddlin’


Also there was only 1 wheel and 3 GameCube controllers and nobody ever wanted that wheel, it was terrible

What’s everyone’s favourite courses? I love the music in pretty much every browser castle in every game but bowser castle 3 in the gba Mario kart is great, also n64 rainbow road and toads turnpike and the wario pinball one (ds I think?)


You must refer to each friend as the character they are playing as for the entire night





My favourite course was the first ghost house on the snes. Using a feather to jump that gap was therapeutic.

Best music is probably Koopa Beach, also on the snes.


Those shoes, what a dreamboat <3


Set it as your ringtone.




might actually set it as my alarm.



@Mistersteve What are people’s preferred tactic on the whole? Smash the beer at the very beginning? Pace it throughout the race? Get up to the finish line then down it?

Would love to do this but don’t really have any gamer mates (at least none with Wiis).