DMK (Drinking Mario Kart)

hmm want to give this a go on switch but it would involve spending £70 on another pair of joy con :frowning:

Is the one. Otherwise you end up at the front with everyone else firing all the good shit at you.

Shy Guy.

Old school was Koopa Troopa, but he has been usurped.

Black Shy Guy, to be precise.

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Have got wrecked playing this far too many times. We call it Beerio Kart fwiw. I like the idea of additional rules, we’ve never been that adventurous.

Definitely got to smash the beer down at the start. Also anything other than bog-standard lager is an error (who bring ans IPA for something like this?!). That Biere D’Or from Tesco is perfect.

Only ever 3 or 4 of us doing it, so we tend to do All-Star Cup on Double Dash in one sitting for maximum effect. Get the Baby Park music stuck in my head for a few days after. MK8 on the Switch is superb though.

Me and the host’s husband were the best two the time before last, so we went on IPA last time. Never again. Fuck that.


I’d like to be one of @Mistersteve’s friends tbh.

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this is the kind of thing i like the idea of, then i try it and it turns out that drinking beer at speed is quite unpleasant and i remember that i’m crap at video games

Its nice idea, we love to play it and the person who is in the last position need to drink his own.

A distressing new take.

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