DNA Heritage

Saw a lot of ads for these in the States, 23andMe, Ancestry.com etc, services where you spit in a tube and send it off and it comes back with info about your genetic history and where in the world your ancestors are from and what not. I’d be interested to do it and see if my forebears were anything other than east Midland pig farmers, but I read this and it all seems like totally fucking useless:

Anyone tried it? Or interested in family history generally?

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Yeah am fairly interested. Don’t know much about my family tree as both my mum’s father and dad’s father are ‘unknown’ so would be interested in finding out something by way of heritage. I know one of them was Irish but got nothing on the other.

A guy from work used the 23andme service and it suggested someone as a possible relation (a cousin who had also used the service unbeknownst to my colleague) and asked if they were related as the DNA suggested they should/could be. Pretty cool - given the above it’d be interesting to find any potential relations.

A DiSism I don’t recognise. I feel so old.

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Sorry, post can’t be empty.

Don’t these things all just tell everyone they’re a Viking?

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Always been interested in this. My mum’s Polish and my dad’s English and Jamaican but I look East Asian. Would like to know what went on a few generations back. Have heard they aren’t super reliable tho.

don’t really even know who half of my extended family are certainly don’t care about my ancestors.


Everyone except @whiterussian, who is Egyptian.

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Would be moderately interested to hear stories about particular ancestors, not enough to look it up. Couldn’t give a fuck about where my DMS is from. But it’s worth it for when they tell white supremacists on tv what their DNA mix is

I got my parents one of the Ancestry.com ones each for xmas, as I know my mum would be really interested (her dad was Coram boy so she doesn’t know much about him or his family) and I basically had to get one for my dad just cos it would be weird to not do his side too (don’t know a lot about his Hungarian side tbh)

I am fully aware that they are probably complete bollocks but it was worth the money (a lot) to see my mum get excited about it I guess. Wonder when we’ll get the results back.

feels like something I should be interested in and want to find out about but I couldn’t give a fuck

Anyone else go a bit full-Moker about this?

Like there’ll definitely be massive warehouses and databases of our DNA eventually that the police and secret services will be able to access at will.

Not that I have anything to hide, I am a simple grain farmer.
I love GCHQ really, good set of letters.


does it really matter since we’re all going to be utterly destroyed by climate change in our lifetimes?

Yeah they keep dangling apocalypse in front of us like some golden carrot but why can’t I buy an ice cream at Tezzas without being emailed about it, that’s what I want to know Bam.


you justh ave to embrace it! Currently at 2970 unread emails, come and get me!

had a genuine moment there where I had no idea what thread I’ve been posted in.

Live free!


M8, all I know is I’m related to @Ruffers and frankly that’s all I care about.

(Oh shit, this just reminds me of a dream I had last night where I visited him in in London and we smoked loads of weed together. Top, top dream)


Achievable too!

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Haha. They can’t even keep track of what tax code people should be on, or computerise medical records, or monitor anyone’s emails, or do anything that a 3 year old with crayons couldn’t do better