DNA Heritage

I didn’t say they’d be competent but I reckon if they want it so bad I’ll sell the info to them myself than getting vikingheritage.com to do it for me

I’ve traced mine back to my great-grandparents and couldn’t be arsed going back further. Maybe when I’m older.

I got a DNA test for my birthday. I got the results this morning. Pretty interesting…


Mine will be white as fuck

Got mine back:

100% pintman
0% naked girls dancing in video


kind of but then they’re using these DNA sites to catch murderers and shit so it’s a bit +/-

it’s how they finally caught GSK coz his brother signed up for a DNA ancestry thing lol

why do you think i’ve not signe-



Don’t trust Big DNA but wouldn’t mind knowing the sperm side of my family. Probably something boring though.

Not convinced that these things are a net social good tbqfh.


Thinking of paying £300 to get a whole genome sequence done so went looking to see if we’d had a thread about stuff, and amused to see that the last post is from yours truly shitting on them


I have been wondering about this too, though I’m suspicious about sending my DNA to a shady corporation. It seems likely that I have some Black ancestors who passed for white. I wonder if family members have already done the test, but aren’t telling anyone the results.


Watched a horror film at the weekend where an American woman does this and it turns out her newly discovered family are all English aristocracy but (spoilers!!!) they’re all evil, so be careful I guess


I was so much happier in January 2018.

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Those tv adverts for “send us your blood!!” Are the weirdest

Got one of these off Her Indoors’ mum as a Christmas present the first year we were together (Her Indoors joked that I was being tested to see if I was racially pure enough to join the family, and her mum hit the roof lol), had read that they’re deeply deeply unethical and you shouldn’t do them, but I had to show her the results to not seem rude so I sent off the spit and told them I was Fijian or some shit, and gave them a ludicrous fake name like Chester Drawers or something. Hopefully that put them off the scent.


my uncle did one hoping for some glamorous exotic mix and it was just like nah your family has been in the north manchester area since the fucking dawn of time or summat

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Fwiw I’ve got no interest in the ancestry stuff and as @GentleGiant says, genetic race isn’t real, I just want to get all 30-40 gigs of genomic data and go digging about in it with bioinformatics software :nerd_face:

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who owns the information? like, is this covered GDPR?


ahahaha sorry genetics joke