Do any disers live or work in/near High Wycombe?

I need a favour.

i do not but i wish you luck

might be pissed, still mean it tho

Half an hour away. What’s the favour?

Destroy High Wycombe.


Perfect profile picture for that post.

It’s got a good Johnny Lew :woman_shrugging:

big fan of the sausage tree in high wycombe

Used to be a great geeky shop there called Not Just Stamps. Ironically if it had hung on a few years the board game resurgence would have probably seen it through.

I’ve got it sorted now :slight_smile: I left my phone there over the weekend and needed someone to collect it and post it back to me. The nice taxi man is just posting it for me though.


What a lovely man @balonz is


Blimey I grew up/went to school in Wycombe back in the day and I’d forgotten about that til you said it - nice!

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Does good sausages