Do any DiSers use a smart turbo trainer and Zwift/TrainerRoad/Sufferfest? #cycling

Let’s talk FTPs, W/Kgs and setting up a virtual DiS bike race.

it’s all in the cycling thread m76

Can I just shock you…


i think @TontonZolaMoukoko and @japes are the only ones

obviously i only cycle on the road because zwift is for ninnies (this is now my new shtick)

And @anon67149139

And that’s my shitck from years ago


That became too unwieldy! And a bit catch-all for what i’m after - this is a more specific thread.

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RIP 29

my local cycling WhatsApp group had to set up a sub/ separate group for Zwift chat - as it is so fucking boring for people who don’t Zwift

Lets not pollute the main cycling chat with it


holy shit @rich-t imagine if we had to create separate groups for mothchat and geography chat in bike wankersapp.

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This is now the I’m too scared of the rain to cycle thread

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why am I not in bikewankers app?


i have no idea! don’t even know how it came about. probably during the Sheffield trip


zwift wanker here


Why the fuck are you on Zwift, you Zwifting prick?


PM pnikkers and get on it

be warned: it’s insanely boring

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It’s basically anything that’s too dull to start a thread on here for

Do you and @TontonZolaMoukoko perve over each others Zwifting?

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Gunna take a stand and stop giving kudos for zwift sessions

No need to. I get loads of Kudos on my Zwift rides. Sometimes people give you a thumbs up whilst you’re riding as well!

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