Do any mods or anyone even read this forum to provide a response to the feedback?

Would be nice like (not referring to my thread)

I didn’t hear anything back on the polls issues, but then again Sean said to raise it with Discourse directly in one of the threads. At that point though, I’d reached my limit of caring.


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Sorry, I’m working full time at the BBC at the moment and don’t have any funds for a developer to fix anything. There isn’t much I can do until I finish for Christmas on Saturday.

Didnt expect you to Sean! Just seems a few things here that the mods dont respond to. What are you doing at the BBC?

The mods are just volunteers. I need to find some money so we can have more than 5 mods but its a big step up in cost.

I’m doing social media things for 6 Music and Radio 2.

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the mods (of which there are only two) can’t do anything about the actual site. we’re here to moderate, not fix code. i have no access to any of that stuff.

I’m going to hazard a guess the response from the Discourse people would be: “Why are you using more than one or two polls in a thread? Why would people do that. Surely you just post a poll in the opening of a thread or at a key moment. Naturally if you have loads of them then the JavaScript involved will begin to suffer.”

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Imagine if they gave you that power, though…

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