Do any of you have any good resources about your rights when having your job description changed?

It sounds like a bit of a restructure is definitely happening. It was dropped semi-officially in a meeting yesterday, and it sounds like it’s all going to go through by the end of November. It doesn’t sound like they intend to make redundancies, although that might actually be blessing in disguise for me if it did happen. It could all pass through without an acrimony but there was some friction in the meeting yesterday and I’d just liked to be prepared.

I will google this too but I thought that it would be useful to ask on here first.

Yep, was just typing that

this happened to me in my last job and I just said I’d need to see an amended job description and sign off on it plus salary increase before I started doing any of the new work. my boss looked at me a bit funny, but it worked.

should have probably looked at the legal stuff/rights etc. first though.

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Starting point will be your contract. there is usually a bit in the job description section which says something like ‘You are employed as [job title]. We may change your duties and/or job title and may require you to carry out additional duties from time to time.’

If in any doubt however, I would always recommend acas as the resource of first call. They have a free hotline and you can also ask questions online through their automated thingy.

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Thanks to everyone that’s posted in here.