Do any of you have


life insurance? Feel I should have life insurance…You’re all in your thirties, cyclists and home owners now etc, you must life insurance, yeah?




even if I could afford it I wouldn’t bother as my life has no value


Yeah, through work.


nope - think i should get it tho


Pedant alert.

It is technically life assurance not insurance as we’re all going to die.





yeah mine is through work

To get maximum benefit for my kids I need to die in the office somehow


about to get it sorted next week in fact


life has no worth


Nope. Would probably consider it if I had money or kids


You’re technically incorrect mokes. It depends whether the policy has a specific term, if so, it’s ‘insurance’.

You’re welcome


I think I do. Only to the value of our mortgage though, or something, idk.


Think I do through work, but nothing independent. I’m young unlike you cunts though


Got it through work.

Probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind to get it otherwise tbh.


yeh i got life insurance and critical illness cover

got it through work so comes out pre tax

think it costs me about 9 pounds a month


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No, but we have no dependents, so don’t need it.

(we have a mortgage cover/critical illness policy which covers the payments in the event that one of us isn’t able to keep up with the mortgage though)


No, but apparently my cats do


Really hate the idea of someone paying loads into it then the fuckers swallowing the whole thing immediately if you have the temerity to leave your job (unthinkable I know) or couldn’t afford to make a payment, ever. Get a savings account or maybe just a bag that says “swag”.