Do any of you live in Ireland? (lol there was a typo in this thread)



What’s it like?


For those of you who have answered “yes” I have a follow up question of “Is this ok? Or is it a bit off?”


since when have I had permissions to edit other people’s thread titles?


Looks like it was done by someone who works in O’ Neils pubs


I don’t right now but I have done for most of the first 23 years of my life! It’s pretty all right. The government is shite, public services are pretty terrible, there is still a lingering stranglehold of Church-backed social conservatism holding the country back. But I’m convinced we’re the best people in the world, and I couldn’t imagine being from anywhere else :slight_smile:


meh, it’s fine. there’s a lot worse crap like that out there. we’re all fairly proud of aul Sheamo anyway - this news was ‘push notification from the Irish Times’ worthy