Do any of you work in advertising?

It must be interesting in meetings when an ad agency is trying to persuade the client that their shite idea for an ad is a good idea.

If you work in advertising very much depends on… whether or not you work in advertisting

I’m sure I’ve sat through a lot of ads thinking, imagine trying to pitch this and pretend it’s a good idea.

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My company is currently setting up an ad campaign and my boss has regular meetings with an outside agency who are coming up with the creative. Each week he comes back from the meeting and we ask him if they came up with a great idea this week. So far the answer has been no.

well, that’s what I’m talking about

what about four people sitting in a vauxhall listening to music while a salesperson talks through the window?

This itself has been pitched (assuming successfully) as an ad campaign.
Remember those adverts on bus stops a couple of years ago for a fizzy drink, where the advert was saying that the company only had rubbish ideas so in the end they didn’t bother and so here is just photo of our drink.

Pretty hard to know if something’s shit without knowing what audiences it’s targeting.

Like those Just Eat adverts. Worst adverts I’ve ever seen. Who the fuck thought of that. What’s that they’ve actually worked? Sake.


asa did it too I remember