Do dogs have elbows

or just four knees?


I would say that the front ones are elbows and the back ones are knees

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Where does a dog’s face end and it’s nose begin?

Four elbows

Do bees have knees? Why have they become synonymous with something being very good?

love dogs


love this meme



First time I’ve used this word I don’t think I did it right

read this as:

if a dog wore like this pants would or he wear them like this

I meant synonymous

wherever they keep their elbows and knees

pants have to cover the butthole as a bare minimum imo

what about crotchless pants

those aren’t pants


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Are you saying pants in the American format of the word here or English?

APPARENTLY it’s a corruption of saying something is ‘the business’ but that could be wrong i dunno

either/or. Trousers or underwear must cover the bumhole to be fit for purpose

dogs have two arms and two legs imo

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