Do files live anywhere


Our do they just go wherever?
What about butterflies?


On your hard drive or in the cloud.


They live in a flying cupboard


“flies” is an anagram of “files”


Fucking phone!


Butter-files: The truth is out there (in the fridge)


In front of your ding a ling dong




That’s mine and @dingaling’s super merged account.


in the winter do they just all die, having left some eggs lying about somewhere?


In their… home?


the smaller ones live on the bigger ones


Maybe they live in an insect hotel, like some kind of flying Alan Partridge


I went somewhere that was selling solitary bee hotels. That meaning that the bee is solitary not a single bee hotel.


I’ve never thought about this before, but now I won’t be able to rest until someone gives a definitive answer.


Yes, one appears to be living in my sitting room just now. Been there a week and won’t be enticed to leave. We call him ‘uncle johjn’ now as I think it’s my dad’s dead brother haunting me.


i wasn’t around to see the typo and fear i may have missed the high point of this thread


You haven’t missed much


Your thirst for knowledge is lacking