Do I eat this or not?

pie made with cheese and an egg wash. Cooked at 180 for 45mins then left out overnight - 8pm til about 6.30 when I discovered it this morning. No meat.

If I wrap it in foil and cook for an hour at 180 will it kill me?

  • don’t eat
  • Do you’ll be fine

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I would but then, I eat ass.

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Also a very good excuse to get a pizza or something though.


it’ll be better if anything. mature.


This is my default means of first night storage qnyway as nothing is ever cool enough to put in the fridge before I go to bed.

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and you’ve lived a wonderful life so that’s a good endorsement


I will eat the pie, thanks team


Also I’m Eric’s school of thought that it makes it taste better somehow

I like that you didn’t specify eating it. If I cook it, will it become sentient and hunt me down?


if it doesn’t bleed, can I kill it back

yes but to provide a decent narrative you have to use only the kitchen utensils used to create it originally


update: the cheese tasted kinda awful but I made it through the night without death or the shits



I have made it through the night without either death or the shits, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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how was your night?

  • death
  • the shits
  • fine thanks

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I’ve run to this thread

I’m glad this all turned out fine.

I’d have said eat the pie too.