Do I have a really unsophisticated pallet or... (The 100% cocoa solids thread)

I mean, I’d have a whirl on the mint one and maybe the orange one but do agree.
I like dark chocolate but there comes a point where I don’t think people really enjoy it, they just… say they do, to appear superior


I do prefer the not as strong chocolate, think that might be “a bit much”

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Why don’t the labels have the writing the same way up?

Fuck that shit!

That is a user (me) error

Really can’t express to you all how bad the ‘sea salt and hemp’ one is


Well fuck you then! Baby needs milk chocolate.

This about the pure 100% one above (panic bought in a health food shop to get above the card limit)

I’m sorry this happened to you. What a nightmare

Dunno about those specifically, but Montezuma make really nice chocolate

I like dark chocolate to a degree, but like @kermitwormit says, I reckon there’s a “i like a higher cocoa solids percentage than you do so I’m a proper chocolate fan and you’re just an unsophisticated baby” aspect to certain fans of dark chocolate. then again, anything sounds like foodie bollocks if you don’t like the food to begin with, so who knows


To be fair the person in the shop said ‘That’s 100% cocoa’ and I said ‘I like it strong’


Can’t take it seriously because of the phrase (really hope it’s not offensive btw, have to admit my geography/history knowledge is subpar at best)

What phrase?

Montezuma make good chocolate so I’d give it a whirl, but my instinct would be to try to dilute it a bit, wang it in some hot milk and sugar, bet that would be great


Montezuma make amazing chocolate but the 100% stuff is really inedible.

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I like strong dark chocolate if I’m trying not to eat loads of chocolate and just need a little hit. Nice to suck it and let it melt and feel that little boost. But that’s it really, wouldn’t choose it over some Malteasers.

This one is really nice though, picked some up in the local garden centre and keep thinking about it


Think I prefer it to regular dark choc actually

Also like milk chocolate though and don’t really care for sugar puritanism

Whilst we’re all here, I’m into this one at the moment


my teeth are getting more sensitive though so might end up being forced to go full dark chocolate nerd soon