Do I shave wrong

or is it impossible to shave like they do on adverts, one uninterrupted clean stroke down the face and it obliterates all hairs in its path. If I do that it does more or less fuck all.


Shaving is really annoying; hate that I have to do it more than once a week. Last time I posted in the selfie thread it was having very recently shaved and I looked less terrible than normal.

i was very bad at shaving and my life has been immeasurably improved since i stopped doing it


Question for the girls/non binary/trans

Random chin hair

  • Yes
  • Not on randomhairbook m9

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Yeah the way it is on adverts is bollocks. Takes me about three goes of each bit up and down to even make a difference.

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Thursday is tomorrow, mate


I’ve not shaved with a razor for about 15 years. I do not miss it.


Edited. Needlessly aggressive-sounding.

I only learned how to shave about a year ago, used to think I kept using blunt razors but it turned out I was holding the razor at the wrong angle. I’m 31.

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Never got on with shaving, found the more blades the better and shaving oil helped, glad I stopped doing it even though my beard is a wirey sparse mess

Anyone else get bare lazy and hop out of the shower when they’ve shaved their face the day before and just dry shave that foolish face?

  • Without a thought
  • Hmmm, not sure I trust that idea, having watched adverts on the topic
  • Maybe if i ate more mackerel, eggs and peas, but no
  • Not even on razerbook
  • Electric shave wanker.

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I do my shaving at night before bed a few times per week, and my face always feels so good on the pillow afterwards that I sleep in the following morning. Happens every time.


Sort of? The main cheek bits and neck, yes. Chin and around the jaw, no, but that’s more about the lines than anything, I think.

(safety razor, change the blade every five shaves, Nivea sensitive shaving gel)

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so glad I only have to do minimal beard trims and little bits of shaving for neatness now

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Getting a beard trimmer and setting it to a certain length and shaving so all my hairs are the same length has been the highlight of my year.


i miss bits and they annoy me but it’s much less annoying and obvious than when i missed bits shaving

I avoided growing a beard for yeaaaars because dysphoria. realising a beard or a deeper voice didn’t have to be inherently tied to a binary gender was so, so liberating for me. :slight_smile:

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took me a while to get used to sleeping with a beard on my face. I bet it’d feel lovely to rest my head on a pillow with no beard again.

never ever gonna do that again tho so


I have been clean shaven once in the last two decades. My kids both FREAKED OUT* and I’ve never been back to shaving. Which is a relief because a) I have moles that I nick and then bleed everywhere, b) my skin is sensitive as and gets rashy and c) CBA with that every day.

*Pretty much exactly this Oatmeal cartoon in fact.

I’m really bad at shaving

Should probably get a proper beard trimmer