Do 'kids these days' know much by... ?

The Lightning Seeds?

My pleasant island cycle was interrupted by Three Lions embedding itself in my brain for three fucking days… My irritation eventually morphed into wondering if The Next Generation actually know many tunes by a band who were utterly ubiquitous during the mid-90s? Like, everywhere… adverts, supermarkets, TV, radio, Football Focus… I listened to a ‘Best Of’ this evening to see if it would knock Three Lions out of my head and realised I recognised all but one song despite never having owned anything by them.

I’d be interested if any ‘Kids These Days’ (i.e. next generation DiS-sers) could let me know their awareness of The Lightning Seeds. Also, feel free to use this as an all-purpose thread for young people making old people feel like shit. Are there any bands that were omnipresent when you were younger that don’t get a look-in these days?

Bar ‘Three Lions’ I’ve never knowingly heard a single song of theirs. (I am 31)


Oh, but you have:

and from Clueless:

Seriously… fucking everywhere.

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Yeah they were fucking massive. The narrative at the time was that Ian broudie was a bit of a genius songwriter cause he was knocking out millions of hits and he liked ABBA…Don’t think I’ll ever know though cause most of the production makes me want to chunder.

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I realised I liked more of their songs than I thought listening to that compilation. And it was probably because I can finally accept the production sounding dated - which it did 25 years ago as well.

First tape I had.

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not a clue. Didn’t even realise that’s who Three Lions was by. The only time they’ve ever crossed my mind is when listening to Raspberry Beret.

The riverboat song and day I caught the train (were they by them?).
27 years old

Recognise the intro from life of Riley from goal of the month/football focus but thats it from those videos

Those are both ocean colour scene

Who did soundtrack the PsOne game Three Lions so not far off

Oh aye. Then I don’t know any other lightning seeds songs.

I knew the name but until reading this thread 30 seconds ago I thought they were a 70s American psychadelic band with wispy long beards.

I bumped Football’s Coming Home all last summer and obviously never cared to look at the name of the band, assumed it was a supergroup thing like Band Aid.

I’m 27 years old, I hope this data helps with your studies.


I saw them once in a MacDonalds in Copenhagen (weak claim to fame)

Around 1996-1997 I found it very hard to tell their songs apart.

But to this day I expect to see great goal compilations when I hear The Life of Riley.

Some fascinating responses in this thread.

I had this as a teenager (slightly too young to have their proper albums, and from memory they faded after this), properly rinsed it but remember being surprised by how much I knew from the bar, I guess because they were all over local commercial radio where I grew up.


Terrible, terrible artwork


Think I always had Lightning Seeds and World Party mixed up.

Apologies if that offends fans of either of those bands.

Pure is close enough to the greatest pop song ever written.


TBH I’m still not sure (im 31)
I just thought it was some band that Badelle and Skinner made up until fairly recently

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I once saw Ian Broudie in London. He had a big parka on and was walking into a mod shop. I kept walking.

There was that album with the strawberry on which everyone had. Didn’t mind it back then. Pretty sure id hate it now.