Do 'kids these days' know much by... ?

I’ve definitely heard the first and third of those. Never knew they were by the Lightning Seeds though (who I’ve only heard the name of here and there)

Me and my dickhead mates were properly into Dizzy Heights when that came out. Weird to think that if I mentioned them at work I’d just get blank looks from everyone here (I’m 36, everyone else is 30 and under).

Literally, LITERALLY, the only Lightning Seeds song I like.

I’m 42, so obviously not the target demographic for this study. Just wanted to say how shit I think the Lightning Seeds are. Especially “Lucky You”.


Pure and Sugar Coated Iceberg are bangers. The rest I can take or leave. Overall, TLS are far less offensive than most of the Britpop dregs that clogged up the mid-to-late nineties.

(Three Lions can fuck right off though)

What was the turnout like?

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Mainly guest list

Thought you meant this!

To answer the OP I’d probably say bands like Carter USM, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Pop Will Eat Itself etc.

They were on at a local festival I went to last summer, which kicking landed the day England beat Sweden so the crowd were crazy for them. Obviously everyone was desperate for three lions but I was surprised by how much of their set I remembered. Hit after hit. I’m 35 mind so doesn’t really help your study

Pretty much the only Lightening Seeds song I know (though the title “Life of Riley” rings a bell)

I am unspeakably envious of pretty much anyone that doesn’t know the Lightning Seeds.

“Oh lucky you” is what you could say to them.


Wondered whether ‘Change’ was in the music rotation for the pub I work at and that was the reason I knew it. Then lo and behold, it plays as I’m having my after work pint, it’s quite a good track actually !

I was a student through Britpop. I could only hum 3 Lions (which is only half them), Life of Riley (because of people watching Match of the Day in share houses) and Change (because it’s on Shine Too).

I don’t think they were that massive but maybe it’s because I have zero interest in Football. In fa t the first time I heard Life of Riley as a proper song I was a bit baffled as it just seemed like TV background music.

So yeah, surely they just had a few hits?

If you want “massive in their time but now probably unknown bands” I’d be more inclined to pick Supergrass.

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Everyone had that album with the strawberry album but no one ever put it on when you popped round


Or Catatonia

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Yeah another good shout

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Definitely a Chris Evans band.

I guess the use of their music in adverts, tv montages etc has maybe meant more people know a couple of their songs than their level of success would suggest, even if people don’t know who those songs are by.

Hadn’t Ian Broudie been knocking around the Liverpool music scene for years before The Lightning Seeds - with Echo & the Bunny Men, Julian Cope, people like that?

Jesus Jones


If anything I’d say the Avengers are more popular now than they’ve ever been.


jesus wept

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