Do 'kids these days' know much by... ?

I dunno. Honestly never really listened to them that much because I’ve never particularly cared for what I did hear.

You should listen to sometimes

And if you like that then Laid (album) is well worth your time. Eno worked complete magic with that band.

I’m a MASSIVE James fan. Love 'em to bits.

It’s amazing they were crushed out of the conversation by Grunge and Brit Pop.

I was massively into the James album Millionaires at the time, Just Like Fred Astaire is a tune.
Saw them about 10 years ago at Latitude, they were absolutely rubbish, which was a shame, most disappointing band I’ve ever seen live

I don’t know much James apart from Sit Down and Laid but I wouldn’t say a song that goes:

Dressed me up in women’s clothes
Messed around with gender roles
Dye my eyes and call me pretty

is particularly ‘laddy’. :man_shrugging:


The Lightning Seeds will always remind me of the Indie Club sketch from the Fast Show


Never heard those lines clearly, just all the opening lines bragging about having sex and talking about how she cums when she’s on top, which all seems very lairy lads’ talk to me.

Sounds like he’s considerate that his partner also enjoys herself :wink:

Hmmm…not sure I’d claim Carter USM were objectively better than Nirvana, but they were sure as hell objectively better than Menswear!


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The thing is “kids these days” don’t know who Nirvana are either (or at least they didn’t until Primark started selling the smiley face t shirts).

I’m going to see Jesus Jones in November.

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Thanks to this thread I’ve just ordered one of these.


they definitely do (even without the t shirts)

[citation needed]

Just seen that they’re playing a free festival near me in a month

Phats & Small supporting (!)

Awful band. (LS) The ‘indie’ Lighthouse Family. Carter USM were bloody terrible too.