Do Make Say Think

Anyone else a fan here? Sounds like there’s a new album coming in May, which would be very welcome.


Weird, was just talking to a mate about them. Would really like a new album. Loved ‘Other Truths’ and was a bit saddened they hadn’t released anything since.

I really enjoyed Other Truths, I’d kind of forgotten about them tbh. A new album would be good.

Still listen to Enemy Airship quite regularly. The gig where they played it in full was the last time I saw them. New stuff would be most welcome.


pogs, album, two new songs. Anyone care?

yes I do. I will check this out when I get home.

I do. I love DMST.


Yes! Posted a thread on it the other day. Nice to have them back

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What are the odds they support BSS at Brixton a week after this release?? Come on…

thought i posted in this thread already but here it was saved as a draft. i am excited about the new do make say think album!

Cannot wait for this now. Looking forward to listening to it after taking a rake of yokes.

do take yayo drink?

Yeah…love DMST…&Yet&Yet being my highlight with Winter Hymn and You, You’re in a history rust also highly recommended…superb live (hoping for a tour this year) and new tracks sounding good…a welcome return…

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Streaming now on their website

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