DO NOT forget Mother's Day


This has been a helpful xylo announcement for both regulars and lurkers. Thank you.




n,ydndwyw. dnfmd.


Word to your mother.


that word is about to be ‘interflora’


Clocks go forward too
Delicious evening sunlight


Genuinely understood this on first reading.

Think I might take a break from the internet for a bit. Might go outside.


My wife was well miffed when I didn’t get her a Mother’s Day card when she was pregnant. 3 years on and she still mentions it. Still refuse to accept I did anything wrong.


ocyd. yap.


Aww, you’re a pal too bbz!




As if we lot use anything but Bloom & Wild


what is?

oh god is it a hipster florist. of course it is.


That’s some great irking work.


Going back tomorrow to cook for the ol’ girl, will take some flowers down, jobs a goodun


not going to bother this year really


Got my ma a scratchcard, and a first aid kit cd


trying to book a table for lunch, fucking nightmare. the only decent places anywhere near her are booked up tae fuck.



tune actually