Do or would you let the car drive itself?

Thinly-veiled reveal that I have a new car.

Was tesing the adaptive cruise control on Saturday. Didn’t touch a pedal when driving on the M25 between J14 and 24. Imagine that!

Often put a speed limiter on when using a heavily-surveilenced road, such as the A406.

Before I get carried away, does anyone have any horror stories? I’ll settle for

sometimes I take my hands off the wheel and steer with my knees. just on the straight bits.


That bloke got done for getting in the passengers seat and reclining whilst on auto-drive or whatever recently eh

Didn’t see the point of adaptive cruise control stuff until I did Cambridge to Glasgow. Then it made sense.

I will absolutely use a driverless/autonomous car. In a heart beat.

My wife might not be so easily convinced.

It doesn’t let you undertake, which is annoying. Still beholden to the TWATS

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Change lanes, ya fanny.


Bring on the days of driverless cars I say. I can’t wait!

Getting a car with cruise control massively improved my commute. Getting the car to do all the driving would be incredible.

I might look into a car that does your parallel parking for you for my next car (not on the horizon at all, but it’s good to dream)

Making the effort to drive around these people is a major irk

How long before the robots are eating our food for us? Or shagging our partners for us? Or writing our novels for us eh? How long?

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Did you send that in on quill and papyrus, or chipped into stone tablets?

Yet to try the parking assist. Something tells me it’s going to be slow and something you do once but vow never to do again

Asked Siri to do it mate

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The human male penis has been obsolete for at least a decade.

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You’ve never parked round my way. I only got into my parking space at the weekend thanks to my reversing sensors. I got home around the same time as my other half (who drives a similar sized car), and she abandoned the space after a couple of attempts.

Also, I’d be doing my best to make it as clear as I can when the manoeuvre was happening that it wasn’t me doing it, waving my hands around or something like that.

Speak for yourself mate!!! Hahahaha!!! Haha! Ha h… :cry:

Are you writing black mirror season 5?

Or is Black Mirror season 5 writing me?..

I wouldn’t mind a car that did the parallel parking for me. I can parallel park but it’s the pressure of a potential audience/holding someone up that puts me into a bit of a tizz. I like the beeps the car does.

Otherwise i’m a very good and confident driver.