Do people haggle with you?

Nobody ever haggles with me over stuff.

Now I am rarely a haggler. I don’t do weird stuff like haggle at a supermarket over the price of stuff, but at hagglable purchases I will try to haggle.

Example, went to a gym induction. The current offer was rubbish and my friend who signed up last week managed to haggle the old offer PLUS a load of other stuff.

When I went and it came to the nitty gritty I was like “ yeah, this offer is nowhere near as good as the old one, can you add anything else in?” And they were basically “sorry, no” and that was that. They said they would email some timetable stuff and never did.

No haggle. Where was the counter offer? Why don’t people haggle with me?

You’ve made it this far? Any haggling stories? Tell me how much you hate it. IDK

  • They don’t haggle with you because you are scary
  • They don’t haggle with you because they think u r a mug who will pay full price
  • They just didn’t want you at their gym
  • Haggling is horrible and the person wasn’t willing to engage in such an embarrassing act
  • I know, and I will tell you, but am gonna need that sweet, sweet watch and some other stuff

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I’ve never haggled for anything. Think it would put some staff in certain places in really awkward, difficult situations where they don’t have the power to change prices/simply don’t care whether the make a sale or not. Who haggles in a supermarket ffs?


These people do exist. I only haggle on rare occasions. Just wanted that sweet sweet £50 bar credit. Is that too much to ask?

Seems like it, mate.

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I haggle for loads of shit, I really enjoy it because I enjoy making people feel awkward. I’m actually pretty good at it now. Anything more than £50, I’m a-haggling.

What kind of stuff u haggling on?

Really only if they are independent sellers but clothes (jackets and that), sometimes technology, literally wouldn’t dream of paying cost price for anything musical

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I used to have a housemate who worked in an upmarket high street clothes shop and she said people would try to haggle all the time. It didn’t work obviously, why would it?

Thinks you can haggle on and it’s ok

  • Broadband/TVdeals
  • Rent
  • Buying a house
  • Cars
  • Joining a Gym
  • None of them, stop, save your dignity ffs!
  • Technology purchases
  • Other stuff
  • A bashed up chicken at the supermarket
  • eBay, gumtree stuff

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I hate haggling and the only time I could imagine doing it would be for things with a contract where you can get the same thing elsewhere, like insurance when they rip you off on the renewal price. I still don’t though

Edit: or cars i guess

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Had to pick the best 2 here but its really everything

Only 2 options?

Also good luck to anyone trying to haggle with a landlord, fucking hell


Really the joke is on the person that didn’t haggle with me as they could have signed me up to a gym I would barely have used. Basically free money for them/their employer. So really, I was the real winner! I was the real winner!


Yes that was a design feature of the poll that I implemented on purpose and everyone is just going to have to deal with it!!!

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I support other people doing it and I hope they get good deals but I would rather die


All customer service have a little leeway, even if only 10%. They just couldn’t be arsed.

With insurance I will often just go elsewhere and not bother haggling. Especially if you have been with same one for years and then they randomly try it on and charge and extra £100 for no reason. It’s over!!

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No, but I always say I’m not eating in when I order at Itsu so I don’t have to pay tax and then secretly sit in anyway, I assume that counts.

Didn’t even email me the swimming timetable like they said they would? Disaster!

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Sold my old car (Banger) second hand on gumtree. Put it on for 400, expected 330ish, would’ve accepted 300.

Poor naive lad just came with 400 in cash. Didn’t haggle at all. Wanted to talk him through the process a bit