Do people make assumptions about you?



And if so, what?


that I’m not a great lover


I’m regularly mistaken for somebody who regularly takes a huge amount of drugs; or who has a history of heavy substance abuse.


That I’m about 17.


That I’m a native Spanish speaker because my first name is Spanish. I do translate it for work though so it means I have to have the same dull conversation over and over again about how I’m not bilingual but I’m fluent. “But didn’t your mother ever speak to you in Spanish when you were little?” “Nope” “Why not?/Oh that’s sad/So how come you speak it now?” etc etc ETC ETC

Also I think people probably think I’m religious or something when they find out I’m 27 and married.


Yeah I bet people make assumptions about you.


That I am really laid back possibly a stoner type, when really I am as highly strung as it is possible to be


People assume I’m about a decade younger than I am and that I must bloody love boozing as I love football.


That I’m arrogant or not enjoying myself, as I am quite shy.


I’m lucky to scratch late teens in most estimations


As I work in IT (a programmer) every one assumes I know everything about computers and I can fix their PC.


At least you have a potential 15 future years where you could get famous and lie that you’re 21.


I also think people assume this about me but like to think it’s just me convincing myself of something that’s not actually the case innit


Dunno, you’d have to ask them.


Oooh, I’ve got this one too!


That I’ve seen the horrors of war first hand.


Dunno, probably


That I enjoy and am good at cryptic things. And University Challenge.


It’s worse when you get middle aged men creeping on you, assuming that you’re a young and naive teenager.

Burn them all.


First time we met I assumed you were going to kill me