Do people still have

This is a thread where we find out if people still have a thing

My first one is, do people still have these kinds of washing lines?

My neighbours do. I have seen them eye my Minky with jealousy.


I do, thanks for asking.

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called a whirligig mate


had one in a shared house circa 2011. I think it’s still there

Was it housed in a larger pipe that was set into some concrete?

We used to have one and the hole in the ground could also be used for the swingball as well.



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Yes. Don’t use it to dry clothes though, it’s for the bird feeder/squirrel feeder and actual squirrel feeder to hang on.

Paul and Stevie use it as a climbing frame.

Swingball is a good example for something like a “Things that are better in theory than in practice” thread that you’re welcome to start if you like.

hmm i think the larger pipe was just buried in the earth

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Does anyone on here still have and use a VHS player?

Not me Spunky!

Yes, but no.

We still have one but it is banished to the loft. I would have to prize it out of my wife’s dead cold fingers before I could sew it into a mattress that I would then fly tip.

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Of course not. You’re a modern guy, Ant.

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I was thinking about this the other day in relation to this song:

I suspect that the xx don’t actually have a VHS player

I’m not having your sloppy seconds.

My Mum does.