Do people still have


This is a wonderful post right under mine.


Wasn’t there when I posted it either! Gah.


i have one built into a small television sitting in a closet that i don’t want to throw out in case i need to play a vhs for some reason. even though i can’t think of any scenario that has me needing to play a vhs.


Does anyone on these boards own either a catapult or an air rifle? (I have owned both, fuck knows what happened to them - chucked in the canal?)


Someone sends you a tape that if you watch it you will die within a week?


feel it’s either that or proof of life for a ransom demand


not an air rifle but I have a blow gun.

before i typed that out i thought they were sort of the same thing but now i’m not so sure.


Did you grow up in the Beano? Got a peashooter in your back pocket as well have you?




I have had a pea shooter and also a spud gun. Oddly a flick knife too. GEEZER!


Laser pen?


No but I remember people who did. And some who had shurikens… never got any of those badboys.


Oh, I bet they do. The chillwave pricks.


Used to have a catapult and an air pistol, not got either anymore and I don’t know what happened to them. No idea why I even had them in the first place.


Well if you find them and I find mine we can meet up in some woods and have some fun.


Bring your annual allowance


I have a combi VHS/DVD player I have never used the VHS player


I’ve got the VHS
I’ve got the DVD
I’ve got the cooooooooombination VHS and DVD


can I come I’m just down the A3, I have always been tempted to get an air rifle from Rangers


Got mine from Weybridge Guns & Tackle