Do schools still have tracing paper bog paper?

In school.

dunno. probably not as my boys love complaining about things like the quality of toilet paper and I haven’t heard a peep.

You can probably get some from an art supply shop if you’re fed up of luxury bog roll

I conduct an exhaustive survey tonight at dinner.

I’ll ask mine too but he probably doesn’t know what tracing paper is.

Maybe I’ll ask to go for a shit when I pick him up next time.

I was in a boys school toilets just this weekend, they had normal cheapo paper bog roll, but not tracing paper.

they had done that thing where they soak it then Wang it up on the ceiling.

Only place I ever saw tracing paper bog roll was in my grans old outside toilet.

I went to a pub once where, in the main body of the pub, someone had wanged a load of wet tampons onto the ceiling.

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What are they teaching at schools these days?

“Soggy moggy”

A tradition going back to time immemorial

Copy and paste.

Toilet paper is fine, if “a bit thin”. In primary schools in West Yorkshire.

Doesn’t seem care why I am asking him this out of the blue. Just dad being weird again probably.

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Well done, I forgot to ask mine! He was at a friend’s house most of the evening but if I’m honest I wouldn’t have remembered anyway.

In the last year at primary school I became library monitor with my friend Caroline, mostly so we could stay inside at lunchtimes. We discovered the caretakers cupboard and the fact it wasnt locked and replaced the tracing paper roll with the soft roll that was in there for the teachers and I maintain that it was the greatest human rights event to have ever unfolded at St Thomas’s primary school.


My grandma had a long running problem with the local milkman sneakily using her outside toilet. She replaced the toilet paper with old newspaper but he still carried on using it


How did she know it was him? You can’t dust for poo.

you hope

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He asked if he could use it one time. He then ened up using it nearly every day (and not flushing after)

Last time you used (non bog roll) tracing paper?

I remember the smell of this paper. Fresh I mean, not poo-ey.