Do the Hairy Bikers make ANYTHING nice? (This is the TV Chef thread)

I’ve been working from home a fair bit and I just have the cooking channel on all day long.
Every single thing they make looks fucking disgusting.

They made a beef pie with oysters in once for christ sake.

It’s all very beige and brown.

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No, they are nice though.


I use their Pad Thai recipe. It’s pretty good, yeah.

they seem like nice lads, I’m not into bikes but I’d have happily ridden around northern europe with them on an entry-level bike

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I miss Chalky.


Pies and bread made on beaches. Everything looks really bang average.

RIP :cry:

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Their chicken paprika thing is :ok_hand:

They do a lot of stodge but lots of it looks lovely. And Dave was an absolute delight when I met him.

They’re not chefs though.

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It’s weird how there’s loads of chefs on telly now that aren’t TV chefs isn’t it.

Properly irks me.

Fucking Sam Faiers was cooking on Sunday Brunch at the weekend!

apart from the series that i wrote, produced and directed, i watched one of their new episodes in france and what they made seemed decent?

What should I make for dinner tonight, gang?

Hate to pull a Niki here but I’ve legitimately got no idea who that is.

What I’m talking about is how there’s loads of people who are chefs for their job and they’re also on the telly but they’re not TV chefs.

Dick’n’balls pie

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Please apologise

I might’ve spelt her name wrong, but she was on The Only Way is Essex.

And when I say she was cooking on the show, she wasn’t being the celeb helping out, she was in a guest chef slot showing off a recipe.

Sorry for saying that.