Do trees talk to eachother?


I’m gonna read this, I hope to find out.

something about ents.


Do trees talk to eachother?

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bit late for this thread, wasn’t it


You should have posted it at tree thirty tree.


shut it down, mods


my weird hippy great aunt was convinced of this years ago. science needs to hurry up.


Yeah probably.


this sort of thing really burns my toast

if we bend every existing definition of ‘communicate’, ‘talk’, ‘protect’, ‘share’ and ‘sentience’, then sure, whatever you like, trees can play the piano now




can this be real?


“here’s something by Bark”




You’ve had a very angry day xylo.

I think trees LITERALLY talk to each other in an ACTUAL language. But we can’t understand or hear that language because it’s just for them and they are special and ancient and you are cynical and full of hate if you deny it.


sure Frodo, they’re magical walking branch creatures.


what do they call this language?




they can’t walk you daft cunt


sounds like someone’s jealous of trees


yeah that would be ridiculous. i was saying that to several cedars just yesterday when we were talking as trees are able to do.


laughs in tree