Do u like a hotel tho?

A weird question maybe but this is DiS so we’re going to end up on a broad spectrum from ‘I cum whenever I see a breakfast buffet’ to ‘mints on pillows bring me out in hives’ via ‘burn it all down’.

Do you enjoy a hotel stop? Would you do it if you didn’t need to? Do you prefer an air bnb? A hostel? Just not leaving the house?

For me hotels are

  • solid for weekend-length holidays, more than that and I edge towards an apartment.

  • At its best for sexy escapism for a one-nighter, or directly after a wedding.


dont think i’d care if i never went to a hotel again


This is the exact answer this thread needed to begin.


for romantic shenanigans: 10/10

for everything else: usually functional. ie airport hotel before a flight, a hotel stay for a wedding, etc.

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Two ideals for me which live at either end of the spectrum:

  • Completely isolated pod-like rooms where you don’t need to interact with anyone from check-in to check-out at all
  • Totally ridiculous and opulent stays where the concierge knows you by name, room service is constant and totally fawning.

Nothing in between, thanks.


I enjoy a hotel for 2 nights max.


When I was a kid all I wanted to do was stay in hotels on holiday but we always stayed self-catering holiday cottages, and now I’m older I know they’re overpriced and generally a bit grubby, and a self-catering is the best option.

However hotels are fun for 1 night or a weekend especially when there’s an unlimited breakfast buffet.

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Can’t stand them. Prefer a villa.


since its clearer than ever that Air BNB is quite often “a bad thing” i do think i’ll try to use hotels more to avoid making a bad situation worse, but in terms of what I actually like i’d go for a whole apartment anytime if funds allow. I definitely get wiped out when I’m out doing stuff on a trip for a whole day, so being able to have a place to come and fully recharge and zone out for an hour or two before heading back out to the activities, without being in public, which offers more space than just a bedroom, is very very appealing

i dont tend to do one night stays anywhere just due to lifestyle reasons, and when I do quite happy to go cheap hostel route

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I reckon I’ve spent more time staying in closed hotels for free than paying for them as a guest (used to work for a company that ran hotels, but they were closed a lot of the year in the off-season)

Living in a closed hotel for a week on your own is weird and cool


Completely fucked the hotel experience for our futures by staying in three different beautiful hotels after our wedding. Every hotel after this will be a let down.

Have a hotel booked for a potential quick trip to Italy in April and guaranteed it’ll be shite but it’s fine as it’s only a one night stay.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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Useful for when you are a long way from home and need somewhere to sleep imo


Hotels are great. Always dead easy admin-wise, there’s usually breakfast if you want it, little shitty bar to have one before you go out and do your thing. Airbnb prices, particularly for private “entire place” places have went right up too (and it’s amoral) so hotels are competitive that way too. Love em


Went through a bit of air bnbing and apartment getting but i’m back at hotels now.

  • You don’t have to wait for someone to bring you the keys to the hotel
  • “oooh we’ll use the kitchen and save some money” turns into “i’m not cooking on holiday” the moment i land
  • Someone tidies up for you

Really want to go on a barge or riverboat holiday but the ones in Ireland are ridiculously extortionate, like financially crippling


Have stayed in them enough to regard them mostly as a necessary evil where everything is usually very slightly more difficult than it should be.

We did the Shannon when I was a kid. Felt queasy the whole time.

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@TKC, regarding Birmingham City


I also like someone saying “hello sir” everytime i walk into a building

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