Do u like a hotel tho?

LOVE a hotel. Absolutely love it.

I also love an Airbnb so usually do a mix on a long trip but just love having my bed remade and little hotel treats and just hotel life. I’m so into it.

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Yes I do. Good place to enjoy intimate time. Good place to have a long shower before and ideally afterwards, without caring about how much hot water you’re using. Good place to enjoy a breakfast buffet. Good place to be somewhere else.

I don’t like it when they don’t have simple things like a fridge, though. I’ve had leftovers go to waste and white wine go warm in the past and cursed those occasions.


Yes, as long it is not a crappy budget hotel

The alternative would be to own a house in every place visited. Would get expensive very soon.

No. Airbnb severely restricts the rental market for locals.

Too old.

No. Although Hoogy HQ is lovely, it is always exciting to go to different places.

Might do a spinoff thread

You know what? I do.

Quite like an Airbnb where you stay with the host or ideally in a granny annexe or something.

Also quite like an Airbnb where it’s a big place for 10-20 of you.

Uniformly shit when it’s a 1-2 bed apartment, and no cheaper than a (superior in every way) hotel

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Don’t think I’ve ever had a bad hotel experience in my life

Love a hotel I do

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Last time I airbnb’d I took my home keys with me to the evening’s activities instead of the airbnb keys so I had to call the host who lived on the other side of the island at 10pm on a Saturday. would rather not repeat that experience again. hotel keys fit in my wallet.


I don’t mind a hotel but I never sleep properly on the first night, and given I mostly do single night trips for work…

Air BnB can get in the bin but we stayed in a proper holiday apartment in Porto last year for the festival and it was great. Didn’t do any proper cooking there but being able to load up at the supermarket and have quick and easy breakfasts/late afternoon snacks and beers while watching that Portuguese MTV channel that plays exclusively 00s bangers was exactly what I needed around a hectic music festival. Much better than when we went before and stayed in a hotel.

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I’m on one of my work trips to the UK and just checked in to an Ibis for 9 nights, which is the longest I’ve ever spent in a single hotel and feels a bit weird. The options:

  • Couch surfing - exhausting, too much moving around, never get to properly unpack, always feel like an inconvenience
  • Staying with just one friend for the trip - Feel too much like an inconvenience all the time, feel like I have to entertain or be entertained all the time
  • Airbnb - whole property - Ridiculous concept, who do you think I am, the monopoly man?
  • Airbnb - just a room - The landlords are always nice at first but turn out to be a bit overbearing very quickly, expecting long bouts of small-talk in the hallway as you keep nudging toward the (damp and weirdly decorated) bathroom with a towel and shower gel in your hands. They have strange rules about how and when you can use the kitchen and I never feel great about using other peoples kitchens anyway, so I just end up eating takeaway on the single bed while watching netflix on my laptop and drip some sauce on the sheet and get anxious about it.
  • Hotels - they do the job.

I usually enjoy a hotel no matter how shit but my stay in my normal Manchester Travelodge last Thursday night nearly sent me completely mad because the ceiling was rattling and I just could not work out where the noise was coming from and ended up standing on the bed at about 5am just holding the ceiling because I’d finally worked out that’s what was making the noise and that was the only way I could get it to stop. Am in the Premier Inn tomorrow night now…

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Ah the classic motorway services villa

Also, never had a flight upgrade but have had several spontaneous hotel upgrades when checking in, which is obviously much better

No idea why, must have a certain look

Hotel inspector vibes


Best stay was in the middle of nowhere in Connemara, purely because it had a hot tub.

Premier Inn is the best budget chain
Ibis is the worst

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If i’m with a group then a villa/apartment is good, otherwise I’d prefer a hotel for peace of mind really.

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They generally range from soulless but unobtrusive to outright depressing. Even nice ones.
They’re a means to an end, those ends being seeing music you can’t usually, banging, or both. Oh or being forced to by your awful job.

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I was in one recently where the air conditioning was just making a dripping sound. It was awful.

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