Do we all agree that Daniel Day-Lewis is STILL the greatest actor of his generation?



other than that silly film he did where there was singing and shit, I can’t think of him doing stuff that is anything other than fucking tremendous



he’s no danny dyer


Benefits from picking his roles very exclusively as well IMO.

Philip Seymour-Hoffman for me Silkz, Gandolfini would be right up there as well. It’s fucking awful that they’re both dead.


agree on PSH, my man. beautiful actor, for sure


always get him mixed up with darren day


Gonna chuck Naomi Watts out there as well, she’s fucking wonderful.


been digging oscar isaac of late


Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton for me, Clive


Simon Gregson


both great


Really been enjoying Julie Walters in National Treasure atm. She’s fucking brilliant


Best thing about that show by a country mile.


She was also great in Brooklyn (the last thing I saw her in). As was Saoirse(?) Ronan. She’s been great in everything I’ve seen her in actually


not seen it but she’s always fucking brilliant, educating rita is a great film


There’s hardly gonne be ONE person that’s “greatest of a generation” especially not while that generation is still active and all. But Day-Lewis is absolutely fucking tremendous, no doubt.


Probably Johnny Depp


if we’re just naming good actors then elizabeth moss


why not?


Barely seen any of his films, but he’s very good in Lincoln.


Phillip Seymour Hoffman had an almost classless range. I don’t think there’s anyone he couldn’t have played,

A lot depends on what you want from an actor. If you want verisimilitude then someone like Nic Cage is a mile away from what you want but for intensity I think he deserves a mention. He walks a pretty unique line between art house cinema, main stream movies, b movie genre flics, and genuinely awful, made-for-tv level nonsense, and that’s kind of special. He’s doing a phenomenal job of writing himself off but he will end his career with a back catalogue like no one else, and if a director ever wanted to rehabilitate him I don’t think it would be that difficult to get another amazing role out of him.