Do we get offended too easily ?

This joke doesn’t offend me, but it’s not funny either. Definitely don’t agree with the Welsh Language commissioner either. What do we think DiS ?

And hold off the sheep jokes please.

It’s not the place of anybody to define what someone should and shouldn’t be offended by.


I hate the whole idea that when I object to or challenge someone’s shitty, unfunny racist/misogynistic/zenophobic/homophobic/etc ‘joke’ that it’s because I am ‘offended’
I’m not. I just think you’re an insensitive racist/misogynist/zenophobe/homophobe/ableist/etc and I don’t want to hear it and I don’t want you to repeat it around marginalised groups of people.

I’m not offended, I just think you’re a dick.
Not you, OP, hypothetical people who say ‘oh! Sorry YOU’RE offended’


But claiming that a joke about the Welsh is equivalent to anti semitism or islamaphobia is a bit daft.


I think it’s a daft comparison really, but I do think it’s perfectly reasonable for a Welsh person to take offence at a joke about the Welsh language from an English person.

Going to get in early with “there’s no such thing as ‘just’ a joke”, either.


Always feels like the real problem is the people who absolutely aren’t offended and can’t believe anyone would be offended by that and don’t know what the world’s coming to when…


Don’t think there is a significant political movement to get rid of the Welsh so don’t think it really compares to antisemitism or islamophobia, but still don’t think it’s on

Yep. Its a pretty typical reaction that you’ll get from certain sections of the welsh speaking community. Not all I might add, just some people.

No you cunt

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How rude!

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Yup. Fully agree

Looks like somebody’s been triggered!


Snowflakes eh

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Maybe its because I’m not a welsh speaker that I don’t really care about this.

It’s the hypocrisy of those people that is the worse, getting offended at legitimate criticism that they are too lazy to defend

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I used to work with someone who would mock my accent. I asked them not to do it as I found it offensive.

They didn’t like me being offended by their bullying, but they did stop.

Structurally that joke is shite anyway. Like the Welsh and dyslexic bits kinda go over the same ground and there are no repeated sounds so it doesn’t read like someone has a stutter.

Omid Djalili isn’t a very good comedian is he


i kind of think that going after someone for their nationality…is pretty much just as low as going after someone for their religion isn’t it? like in this case it’s a shit joke sure but… the principle is the same.

Their reaction to being pulled up on it is always so crybaby defensive or aggressive and way out of proportion to the tone I try to take when I am challenging them.

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He came into the cinema I was working at once (with a small entourage, I’m guessing manager and agent). Left all his sweet wrappers on the floor after the film.

No stars