Do we have a mug thread?


show us your mug

inb4 ‘you’re a mug, mate!!’

look at this absolute shiter i’ve got stuck with.

(keyboard included for epimer’s enjoyment)


That is a nice keyboard tho, my work one just had lots of crumbs and dust in the keyboard. Also I always take my clear mug, love a clear mug


Not the double wall ones, I don’t own one yet but I’ve already broken it


i really need to start bringing my own mug places, but i work like three different places in a week and i’m basically guaranteed to leave it somewhere and that would be tragic


I’ve got two in play, on mug one not.


My mum bought it for me.



Got some pretty good mugs, but currently drinking tea out of this one

The Decline of British Sea Power (mk XVIII)


is that a keepcup thing? shite, i should get one of those


Boring mug that gets me 20 cents off the price of a hot drink in the cafe downstairs


Not sure what a keepcup is, but it’s a limited edition Tim Hortons replica paper cup cup from Canada that celebrated the 150th birthday of Canada from this summer.


like a reusable plastic or ceramic cup


then yes, it is the former.


Also got mks IX, X, rifles one and an Open Season one. Love a British Tea Power mug


allowed: other mug chat

my brother bought me the same twin peaks mug for two christmases in a row (the second one he bought two for me and the tv)


got a see through one. features: can be seen through


got a Corrie one with pictures of Steve/Becky, Roy/Hayley and Norris


gonna need to see a pic of this


Still rolling with my (currently in need of a wash) Street Fighter II mug,


Don’t have one at work, but we have loads at home - mostly music ones, but also heat reactive ones.

Bump this thread tomorrow morning, and I should be able to take some photos.


Usual work mug is this one, got it as a secret santa gift a couple of years ago. It’s a commonly used phrase of mine apparently.

Currently drinking out of a work branded mug: