Do we have a mug thread?


Classic. Timeless. £1.50 from IKEA. A great mug tbh


list of my mugs at home;

  • Tim Hortons Christmas one
  • Faded NASA one from Houston
  • Dynamic Earth
  • London 2012
  • Glasgow 2014
  • Phantom of the Opera (from NYC), Reactive
  • “Mark” definition mug
  • “World’s Best Farter” mug


I’ve got one of those (blue one with “oh the heavy water how it enfolds” on it) but the dishwasher has ruined it, all the text has disappeared and now it just has a silhouette of a whale/submarine on it which looks a bit odd. Buggered if I’m washing up a mug by hand though!


Exactly what’s happened to my whale one.


good mug, that


someone has scribbled on your mug cheif






This was bought by students a few years ago because it looks like me.

Probably needs to be in the filth thread.


kin ell :joy:



This is my mug. Bought it from a Slovakian foodstore that used to be on the quays near my house. It had been in the window for years and when I asked to buy it they had no idea of the price. I got it for €5 and I’ve had it for nearly five years now.


I bought a packet of creepy crawlies and skeletons from the supermarket the other day and now I can’t stop finding them EVERYWHERE. The bf has hidden most of the spiders around the flat and I keep on shitting myself whenever I see one. There’s one on a plant and the last few times I’ve gone to check it it has got me every time. Found a scorpion in the bed last night. Neither of us put it there knowingly.


This fella:



Found this one in the work kitchen earlier:

It’s 500ml so I can accept the Nandos branding…


  • I like having ugly mugs with logos and writing and brands on them in my house and nothing matches
  • I like sophisticated, plain, classic, timeless design

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Your poll is flawed.


You can’t have both!!11