Do we have a mug thread?




Where is rancouvel?


It’s just before sancouver.



fuck it, i’m starting a thread



work mug

couple of these at home


ATM, which I had since I was maybe 10 but I dropped it and it broke and so did my heart




I want all of these mugs


Super Furry Coffee Mug


imagine having a mug that you take to work and show off in front of your colleagues.





And here is norris making sure i keep up with my work


i would like to hear some more about @keith’s mug hiding in the background of his pic in the daily thread


The cups supplied at work are too small for my coffee requirements. My Vancouver cup is 17cm deep, which means one and a half times the amount of coffee in one go.


You mean a work mug? To have coffee/tea in whilst at work?

It’s easy if you try.


don’t most work places supply these? never worked anywhere where this wasn’t the case.


Wherever I’ve worked there’s always been a bunch of ancient mugs in the kitchen. No one knows who they belong to or why they left them. I’d rather have my own tbh and leave those for visitors.


yeah, see i dont give a toss about anyone else but myself.