Do we have a mug thread?


It’s less altruism and more fear over what former users of these mugs have done with them. I’ve seen my colleagues in action. “Oh I’ll just leave this dirty mug on my desk it until a new life form has developed and achieved sentience. Then I’ll kill it with a spoon, give it a quick rinse with lukewarm water and pop it back.”



Missus bought me this when I moved to London in 2012. The old girl’s still going strong… and the mug’s held up too!!!11111!!1!1!1


I’m tempted to get another raph one off eBay actually…


Alright, John Lennon.


Best mug in the house, normal boring mug for scale.
It holds a pint of tea and has spaceships on it. Friends brought in back from Kennedy space centre for me after I looked after their cats. :heart:

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He’s just lurking.

Hasn’t even set up an account here yet.




:disappointed_relieved: SEAN!


Used to have two mugs like that when I lived in London. One with beans on and the other minis. Are they unique to London or something?


Dunno m9, haven’t really seen them anywhere before. Didn’t realise this happened to everyone when they moved to London.


Think it’s part of the official welcome package along with an oystercard and a voucher for the Cereal Cafe


We’ve got a couple like this chap here:


I mainly drink out of a big red mug that I got given for Christmas by work. It’s a nice mug.


Oh please let this have worked



:smiley: CUTE


This is absolutely the thread for me. Excited to go home after work now! Woohoo, mugs!


Part one of a sequence “mugs that broke too badly to be entrusted with liquids and instead became used for pens”


I posted this before. I had an idea and got Snappy Snaps to make me a set of six for handing out as birthday pressies.


Here’s part two


And the back print

Must have had this for more than twenty years