Do we have a mug thread?


Someone broke my Tama mug the other week so down to these two.



Mine too.


Brexity mugshot


nerd mug:

favourite mug:

Both make a cracking cup of tea tbf


@dannydyer to thread.


The bottom cup looks like it forged in the fiery pits of a volcano.


one mug to rule them all


Made by my father-in-Law. We have loads of his stuff!


We’ve got one of them in the cupboard too, a cracker.

My flatmate got this mug as a gift a couple of years ago, and I absolutely despise it. Taken to hiding it right at the back of a cupboard in the kitchen we don’t really use.



god, that is awful!


This is incredible.

Please tell me it’s modelled on his own face.


Awful… or amazing?

@BobRickerton put it on a table in the foreground and stand behind it like they’re your trousers!! LOLZ.




Awfully amazing.


My work mug that someone got me for secret Santa a couple of years ago.

I’ve got more Palace cups than the club have ever won.


Also my work mug. Also a secret santa.
I love him so much :heart_eyes:



i think i have this

comes in a perfectly fitting cork coaster.


I really like both of those mugs!


Cheers, Guinness for everyday and dodecahedrons for special occasions.

Also got a quins mug but couldn’t find a picture of it and will get called a tory for having a rugby mug.