Do we have a mug thread?


Don’t tempt me…

As well as it’s obvious aesthetic hideousness, what doesn’t come across in the picture is that it’s also really difficult to actually drink from. It’s actually really stressing me out thinking about it.


Put your hands on your hips when you do it :smiley:


My colleague’s mug - total Tory


As instructed by @Witches


wife bought me this because I seemed a bit upset when Brucie died apparently.


Wow, that’s fucking spectacular :+1:


aw, that’s really cute. top mug as well. :+1:


Contains dead batteries. Cracked the first time I put hot water in it.


Alright Riff Raff…


L-R: old reliable, nice slender nescafe mug I stole from my mum (good for a slightly smaller coffee) and the most expensive one which is obviously the only one which is damaged (Jersey Pottery’s ‘Sardine Run’ pattern, for anyone who cares)


Nah… He’s a folk potter, he normally makes face jugs. I’ll find some photos and chuck up here at some point.


Cheers! Here’s one of his Hallowe’en mugs




Favourite mug and one my fave paintings :heart:


I would like to change my answer


Finally remembered to take this photo last night.

Most of these are my girlfriend’s, and this is about half of them (we have a lot of mugs)

Back row, L to R: Maximo Park, Ash, Scott Pilgrim, Spiritualized, Spiritualized, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Lego.
Front row, L to R: Adam & Joe, Hot Chip, Turin Brakes, Breakdancing, Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Friendly Fires.

We have a couple of heat-reactive mugs too (Lemmings and a cityscape one). I should take a video of those ones.

Show us yer mug

i’ve got one of those lego ones. got it in secret santa at work.

they are spectacularly impractical.


Mine was a secret santa present too…