Do we have a rabbit thread yet?


Don’t care if we do, I’m making a new one.

Meet Ripley, my new bunny. He’s a ginger mini lop and he’s amazing. (Currently sniffing my feet)

Friday Evening Thread

well jeally


that’s one damn fine floof




BUNNIEEEEEEEEES! :rabbit2: :rabbit2:

Haven’t been outside yet, but will take photos. We’ve got Buzz and Twiglet. Both currently identify as female.

First one is Buzz (this was yesterday), and the second is their run.


That’s an AMAZING run you’ve built them!

We’re keeping Ripley as an indoor bunny, so he’ll have the run of the house eventually, but for now he has a double decker cage.


Bloody adore a cute, fluffy bunny, friends. Looking forward to seeing this thread take shape.


Lovely stuff.

We used to have two dutch rabbits when I was a kid - Clover and Haystack.

My dad built a run for them, which used to sit on concrete or the lawn.

They liked to scare cats who got too close.


I’m going to get a rabbit once my flat is a bit more up together.

Had one when I was a kid called Pipkin. Watership Down is one of my very favourite books.


Ripley vs Dinosaur.


Neither is being particularly sociable this morning, but here we go!




Twiglet has some amazing fluff going on!


Silly question guys because I’ve never had one but are rabbits as responsive as say a cat? Do they recognise you, and react to their name and stuff?


I’d love some bunnies, but unforch we have a neighbourhood fox :crying_cat_face:


Ours did.



Ours do, depending on mood. Bit like a cat. They do come to call (individually).


Yup, my old rabbit Stew (RIP) definitely knew her name.


“Stew” hehehe.

Some of our chickens recognise their individual names. Welly and Red definitely do and come to call. Think the ducks might, but they never leave each others’ side so call one (or just “duckies!”) and you get both anyway, heh.

Aren’t pets great?


Awww, all these bunnies are adorable! Beautiful colours too. We’ve got a dwarf lop named Bluebell who has scarred me plenty but is really a sweetheart masquerading as an insane bitch!