Do we have a rabbit thread yet?


oh fuck ripley is awesome


What made you go for ginger?


Wanted a mini lop with floppy ears, not really fussed about colour. Across the three places we looked there were only two, both ginger, and Ripley was incredibly docile for a young rabbit too.



can you keep rabbits inside? might get a rabbit


Ungh I want a rabbit really badly. We’re hopefully buying a house next year though so am just waiting til we actually have our own place to get some. I stalk the rspca rescue rabbit page weekly.


yes, although you need to give them time and space to run around and dig.


if anyone has any bunnies that they need a free babysitter for please let me and @still_here know and we will do a great job thank you


Zoiks! Such a cutie!

I’m slowly getting closer to having a house rabbit. I went to my local pet shop just yesterday to ask for advice and check out their hutch game. Was okay. But then in a really weird coincidence started talking to a member of staff in a shop about pet rabbits about 5 minutes later. Completely unrelated and unprovoked by me.
I must either give off a real ‘I want a rabbit’ vibe or it’s destiny.


I will bear this in mind when I eventually get one


I want a bunny. Love their style.


how are they with cats? i want a rabbit pal now.


Cannot like this video enough!


Funny you should ask… Here’s Ripley meeting Oreo for the second time this evening. Ripley is the alpha male at the moment.


my cat’s such a wuss i’m scared she’d get bullied out of her own space and build some deep resentment towards me. probably projecting a bit.


Oh my godddddd that video is so adorable! When it jumps on him to get him to stroke it more I lost it.

Do they like to be stroked like that then? I’d be scared of hurting their tiny heads.


Basically just ears though


My sister has two bunnies and they love being petted and made a fuss of, but my cousin’s rabbit only really let you hold him for so long before he’d thump to be left alone. Temperamental little critters!


Also I didn’t know bunnies made noises until a few months ago.


Me feeding a load of rabbits in Japan on this island: