Do we have a rabbit thread yet?


YOU’RE basically just ears.


No disagreement here


More of this please :blush:



Just saw Ripley eating his own poo. :poop: :rabbit2:


Made Ripley a half arsed castle this morning.



Yay, Ripley! I was only thinking recently we hadn’t seen him in a while. Is he doing well, czuk? He looks very fluffy.


This isn’t Ripley :slight_smile:



Haha, I also thought they looked a bit small as well as unusually fluffy. Oops.

What is his/her name?


She seems to have been called Jabberwocky.

We went to Pets at Home this evening to get litter and food for Ripley and fell in love with her, so adopted her at the same time. Split Ripley’s cage in two for now and will hopefully get them living together sometime next week. Ripley needs neutering first though… As cute as they’d be, we don’t want any babies around the place!


Rabbit palace is open for business


And if you look super carefully, you can see two bunnies resting underneath it.


@colinzealuk :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: MY HEART IS FUCKING MELTING



They’re the best. Ripley mostly just follows Jaberwocky around like a lost puppy at the moment


That sounds ridiculously adorable.


Awww. Big fan. Guinea pigs have been our thing. But I’d bloody love a Belgian Hare houserabbit. Quite taken with rats, too.


TheWza: noted fan of rabbits.




rabbits are the absolute boys / girls

also looking to get more into hares