Do we have an interior design thread?

Feel like we do but I can’t find it in search. Bin this one if so.

Anyway, tl;dr I want to buy some rugs. Where does nice rugs? No wig jokes, thanks.

Please tell us about any interior design news you have going on lately.

Thank you.

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La Redoute has some nice rugs although they did once get our order comically wrong. Other than that, no complaints.

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interieurs?! what the hell is that?!

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Depends on your budget. Some of the best ones I’ve got my eye on are handmade ones from morocco selling on etsy. I have a small one as a wall hanging and they’re great quality but pricey. My living room one is h&m but took me a long time to find what I wanted. Rugs are frustrating if you have a particular one in mind but generally dunelm is good for this sort of thing.

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Still not happy with the main living room rug because we wanted a round one and there were very few that weren’t too big or too small.

Can I be arsed looking again? No I cannot.

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All my dream rugs are by these guys

This is who I’ve bought from before and love


Bought this one from the latter


oh yeah i’m far too basic for anything this fancy. dunelm looks good though, having a peruse.

They had a much better selection last time I checked, compared to a few years ago

Also, a bit normcore but Next have some good rugs from time to time and you can get store credit with them very easily to pay it off monthly.

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this was not the one


i need to buy a *shudder* sofabed as well but my word they are all horrible

Do you though? They’re always hideous, I will always think of an alternative setup to address my sofa bed need case.

you make a good point actually, surely people would prefer to sleep on a floor/yoga mat or something than go through the bother of the pullout sofabed

We got a self-inflating double air bed thing after 'er indoors slept on one. It’s good. I slept on it for over a fortnight when her mum was staying with us and I’ve not no complaints. £60 or something like that.

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This one

I assume other models are available

can we see before and after pics?

These rugs are made in collaboration with illustrators, loads of good designs

I’m looking at rugs too at the moment. Loads of nice ones on here. Some cheaper than others.

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In fact I looked at so many different rugs last night that I stopped being able to differentiate between a good rug and a bad one. Not only had the concept of a rug lost all meaning, but so too had my conception of reality and the material world. My advice is to take a break before you reach that point.