Do we *have* to have an **evening thread**?

It is a weekday, ergo, YES! Talk about this evening within this thread

Hey @rob.orch sorry, I’m rubbish at communicating. I’ve also learnt I very much dislike driving in Brighton. Anyway, we’re here and have mooched around the beach a bit and had a swim. We were wondering if you had any recommendations for places with outside areas to drink, (pubs, bar, other, so long as there’s a toilet)

Also, Rob, @grievoustim, anyone else in Brighton, it’s probably getting a little late in the day to make plans for today, but if anyone wants to do some distant but local socialising tomorrow afternoon/evening we are currently very much in Brighton.

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I’m currently not in Brighton

Or Belgium

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I’m not in Brighton either

having vietnamese for tea. didn’t think it was possible but i might actually be getting bored of takeaway. think i’ve eaten everything off the menu in a 2 mile radius.

thinking about starting ori 2 tonight but it means hooking up an hdmi cable to my pc and an a usb extender and… forget it.

didn’t ask

Watching Rugrats, my brain seems incapable of doing the work I need to do, its going to be a long night.

Had crisps for dinner again. Not entirely unsatisfying.

I have not been in Brighton for years and this will not change any time soon.

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I should add: I am having a lovely time, here in Brighton. I’m currently watching that gnome get ready for the evening, which is great because she’s naked, regrettably though she’s busy messaging a friend in need of a shoulder.

Evening. Got sushi and takoyaki for dinner. It’s a nice night so going out for a walk.

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A lot of people are suspiciously elsewhere

I’m in Brighton tomorrow!

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'er indoors got a little brush so we can better befriend kitty visitors to the garden.

I just tried it on next door’s cat and he calmly stood up, stretched, and sat down again just out of reach. Brutal.

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I’m not really. Sorry to get your hopes up and hope your holiday has not been impacted by this revelation

So yeah, made a Murgh Kari curry, so that is smelling great

Got nothing doing tonight, so may go to bed. Think we’re going to a farm tomorrow, so that’s something I suppose

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Unsurprisingly, I’m in Brighton!

Driving is horrible in Brighton. I wouldn’t drive through town if I didn’t have to. Bike’s best for getting about in my opinion, although most of my bike wanker friends have such wanker bikes that they wouldn’t leave them locked up on the street so don’t cycle in in the evenings. It’s a funny old world.

Anyway, where are you staying? I’ll reply on good pubs on that basis (the best pub is the Basketmakers though).


I was in Brighton hmm 11 months ago I think

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Can you make biscuits from beans cause I dried some beans and they taste like biscuits

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